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Our History

As a child and teen in school, I participated in the learning disabled program. I greatly benefited from the special services and audio books made available to me through this time of my educational growth. The learning disabled program prepared me to successfully complete my Masters degree in Accounting. Now many years after graduation, I find myself as an owner of a company that provides special services, in the form of Large Print, to visually impaired students.

Pricing Anything

Ever had a need to quickly determine the cost for a Large Print book? Now this process is easy and instantaneous online.

Also, if you need a book nobody has yet enlarged, go to InfoCon's website and click the "Instantly Price Any Book" button as seen here. Once clicked you will be able to enter information about the book and get an instantaneous price from InfoCon. Furthermore, you can add this book to the cart and lock the price for 60 days*.

To convert the Quote into an Order, do the following: 1. Submit a PO or Credit Card approval and copy of the quote to InfoCon. Doing this within 60 days guarantees the quoted price. 2. Submit a copy of an original to be enlarged or verify with InfoCon that they can acquire a copy. Often the book a student is issued can be used to make a Large Print book.

If you send InfoCon a book to enlarge, this book will be professionally rebound and returned with the Large Print book at no additional cost.

*The price remains firm for 60 days when: 1. The original book does not have more total pages or prologue/epilogue pages than what was entered online for the quote. 2. A PO is received with a copy of the quote before 60 days has elapsed. (Submitting a Credit Card is the same as a PO.)

Family Image

In 1998 InfoCon entered the Large Print market. It was then that InfoCon, using a new digital process, started producing Large Print books for the California Department of Education. This process helped move the market from Microfilm to the computer.

Now many years later, InfoCon is producing books for schools throughout the country. In addition, this new processing method has been enhanced to produce Large Print in full color.

Aaron Rawlins
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